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Bones reveal final moments of ancient man

By Steve Gee

HE was killed by a barrage of spear thrusts and an axe blow to the head - a payback punishment.

That is how Sydney's oldest known ex-resident - Narrabeen Man - died at the hands of his own tribeScientists have revealed that bones found under a beachside bus shelter three years ago have now been carbon dated at more than 4000 years old.

The bones give a rare insight into the punishment rituals of Aborigines before the arrival of Europeans.

Since the skeleton was found during excavation work in Narrabeen on the Northern Beaches in January, 2005, Sydney pathologist Denise Donlon and Canberra archaeologist Jo McDonald have pieced together the how, where and, possibly, why he was killed.

Estimated to be between 30 and 40 years old and 183cm tall - unusually big for an Aborigine of the time - Narrabeen Man died after being axed in the head and speared three times in the stomach and back. Researchers found 17 small stone flakes, including three embedded in his spine.

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