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Welcome to History Buff, a blog for history lovers everywhere! History Buff brings news stories about archaeology from around the world together on one site. From finds in ancient Egypt to new discoveries in anthropology, History Buff wants to know.

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Rome catacomb reveals "oldest" image of St Paul

ROME (Reuters) - Vatican archaeologists using laser technology have discovered what they believe is the oldest image in existence of St Paul the Apostle, dating from the late 4th century, on the walls of catacomb beneath Rome.

Read the rest on Reuters.

Castle bones may belong to knight

Archaeologists believe that bones discovered at Stirling Castle may have belonged to a knight killed in battle or during a siege in the early 1400s.

Read the rest on the BBC.


Who’s in the Alexander Sarcophagus?

Sidon, a port city about 25 miles south of Beirut whose rich history dates to 4000 B.C., was among the most successful of the Phoenician city-states. In the fourth century B.C., it fell to Alexander the Great, entering a Hellenistic age that lasted for more than 100 years until the Romans took over.

Read the rest on the Wall Street Journal.


Pope: Bone Fragments Found in Tomb Are Paul's

(AP) The first-ever scientific test on what are believed to be the remains of the Apostle Paul "seems to confirm" that they do indeed belong to the Roman Catholic saint, Pope Benedict XVI said Sunday.

Read the rest here.


Stone Age flutes found in Germany

Hear music played on a preliminary reconstruction of a Stone Age bone flute.

The hills may be alive with the sound of music, but so were vulture bones and mammoth tusks for ancient Europeans.

Read the rest on Sciencenews.

Oldest human settlement in Aegean unearthed on Limnos island

The ruins of the oldest human settlement in the Aegean found so far have been unearthed in archaeological excavations by a team of Greek, Italian and American archaeologists on the island of Limnos, headed by Thessaloniki Aristotle University (AUTH) professor of Prehistoric Archaeology Nikos Efstratiou.

Read the rest here.

Ancient river found beneath the Channel during Olympics survey

An ancient river bed that has lain unseen for 185,000 years has been uncovered by scientists mapping the parts of the English Channel in the run up to the 2012 Olympics.

Read the rest on the DailyMail.

Neanderthals Made Mammoth Jerky

by Jennifer Viegas
Mammoth Skeleton
Genetic Link Found | Discovery News Video

Necessity compelled Neanderthals to dry hunks of big game meat for easy transport, according to a new study on the survival needs of Neanderthals.

Read the rest on Discovery.

Marble Head of Emperor Titus Found

Rossella Lorenzi, Discovery News
Emperor Titus
Emperor Titus | Discovery News Video

Archaeologists have unearthed a hoard of ancient Roman treasures, including a marble head of the Roman emperor Titus, during an excavation outside the southern Italian city of Naples.

Read the rest on Discovery.


Artefacts found at nature reserve

Bones from Iron Age ditch
Human remains have been found at the nature reserve

Human remains and Roman artefacts have been unearthed in an Iron Age ditch at a new nature reserve in Cambridgeshire.

Read the rest on the BBC.

Woman's Skeleton Found at Bottom of Prehistoric Well

Read the rest here.


Early "Human" Is Ape After All, Discoverer Decides

Brian Handwerk
for National Geographic News

Nearly 15 years ago Russell Ciochon shook our family tree when he announced that a fossil found in a Chinese cave was evidence of a new form of early human.

But that was then.

Read the rest on National Geographic.

Untouched Tomb Uncovered in Bethlehem

Nasser Shiyoukhi, Associated Press
A Rare Find
A Rare Find | Discovery News Video

Workers renovating a house in the traditional town of Jesus' birth accidentally discovered an untouched ancient tomb containing clay pots, plates, beads and the bones of two humans, a Palestinian antiquities official said Tuesday.

Read the rest on Discovery.


Humans worked the Welsh hills 10,000 years ago

Hunters and farmers were using the Clwydian Hills in North Wales 10,000 years ago, new research has revealed.

Read the rest here.


Huge Roman-era cave found by Jericho

The largest cave ever found in Israel has been uncovered near the West Bank city of Jericho etched with Christian symbols, an Israeli archeologist said Sunday.

Read the rest here.

Another Conference Photo

I really cannot say enough about the Historical Novel Society Conference. Here's a photo Margaret George sent me last night (although I don't have the first clue as to why we're all hunched over). I highly, highly recommend anyone who loves history and historical fiction to come to the next conference in 2011!


Italy: Archeological treasures found near Naples

Naples, 16 June (AKI) - Archaeologists have unearthed a number of ancient Roman treasures during excavation outside the southern Italian city of Naples. Twelve ancient statues, columns and fragments bearing inscriptions from what appear to be monuments from the Republican and Imperial periods of ancient Roman history have been uncovered.

Read the rest here.


Sea gives up Neanderthal fossil

By Paul Rincon
Science reporter, BBC News
Neanderthal frontal bone (Museum of Antiquities in Leiden)
The fragment of skull belonged to a young adult male

Part of a Neanderthal man's skull has been dredged up from the North Sea, in the first confirmed find of its kind.

Read the rest on the BBC.


Students unearth Saxon nunnery

Archaeologists believe they could have found the first-ever excavated Saxon nunnery, on a dig in Gloucestershire.

Read the rest on the BBC.


Historical Novel Society Conference

A few photos from the HNS Conference outside of Chicago! It was enormous fun meeting writers, readers, and online buddies who have only been screen names until now!

CW Gortner, Karen Essex and Michelle

I finally met Margaret George, who provided an exceptionally kind blurb for my upcoming novel, Cleopatra's Daughter. She is fifty kinds of fantastic, and absolutely hilarious.

Lauren Willig, Michelle, and Christine Trent.


6,000-year-old tombs found next to Stonehenge


A prehistoric complex, including two 6,000-year-old tombs, has been discovered by archaeologists in Hampshire.

Read the rest here.

Soldier Auctions Rare, First Edition Copy of Historic 1788 Book

AP: INDIANAPOLIS — A rare leather-bound book that played an influential role in America's early history could bring a windfall for a soldier training for his second tour in Iraq.

Read the rest here.


The Saxons were coming! A tiny sword stud found under a shop rewrites Welsh history

Steffan Rhys, Western Mail

AT BARELY a centimetre across and almost unrecognisable after centuries underground, it may not look much, but could shed light on an almost unknown era of Welsh history.

Read the rest here.


Could Human Altruism Have Evolved Because of War?

It may sound like a paradox, but a new theory suggests that one of humanity’s most noble instincts, altruism, evolved on bloody battlefields in prehistoric times.

Read the rest on Discover Magazine.


Corrib may have had 'major' settlement

LORNA SIGGINS, Western Correspondent

A CONNEMARA archaeologist says that the recent discovery of two stone axes in Galway city and county points to a “major” hunter-gatherer presence on the Corrib catchment up to 9,000 years ago.

Read the rest on Irish Times.


Mysterious Inscribed Slate Discovered at Jamestown

Paula Neely
for National Geographic News

Archaeologists in Jamestown, Virginia, have discovered a rare inscribed slate tablet dating back some 400 years, to the early days of America's first permanent English settlement.

Read the rest on National Geographic.


New Forest discovery thought be one of oldest ever made in UK

By Chris Yandell

TWO 6,000-year-old tombs have been unearthed in Hampshire in one of the biggest archaeological finds for years.

Read the rest here.

Archeologists unearth 17th century stone flask, buried 380 years ago to ward off witches

By Paul Harris

witch bottle

Discovered: The 17th century 'witch bottle' was found in Greenwich

It is guaranteed to strike fear into the evil heart of any passing witch. But a far worse fate would follow if the bizarre contents of this ancient stone flask did the job for which they were intended.

Read the rest o the DailyMail.

HISTORY'S HORRORS IN THE PRESENT: Child rape survivor saves 'virgin myth' victims

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Hope was 14 years old when her uncle raped her.

Read the rest on CNN.


A million-year-old mammoth skeleton found in Serbia: report

A finely preserved skeleton of a mammoth, believed to be one million years old, was uncovered near an archaeological site in eastern Serbia, local media reported on Wednesday.

Read the rest here.

Mammoths Roasted in Prehistoric Kitchen Pit

Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News
One Big BBQ
One Big BBQ | Discovery News Video

Central Europe's prehistoric people would likely have been amused by today's hand-sized hamburgers and hot dogs, since archaeologists have just uncovered a 29,000 B.C. well-equipped kitchen where roasted gigantic mammoth was one of the last meals served.

Read the rest on Discovery.


Tomb of legendary Japanese Queen Himiko found

Japanese archaeologists believe they have identified the final resting place of the legendary Queen Himiko, who ruled the Yamatai kingdom in the third century, but are unlikely to ever have conclusive proof as the palace has forbidden further excavation of the site.

Read the rest on the Telegraph.

Rising seas could spell doom for Orkney islands

ITS beaches are as stunning as any in the Maldives – even if its weather isn't. Yet if the Orkney island of Sanday is very far from the Indian Ocean idyll, it looks set to share the same fate, as sea levels rise and storms become fiercer and more frequent.

Read the rest here.


Shipwreck found by divers 'was vessel sent to help Bonnie Prince Charlie'

Rare ring seal of Mary Queen of Scots: Shipwreak may have 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' link
A rare ring seal of Mary Queen of Scots Photo: MERCURY PRESS AGENCY

The team has recovered artefacts off the Anglesey coast that suggest the ship could have been carrying gold and supplies from the King of France.

Read the rest on the Telegraph.

Ancient tombs being restored

A team of archaeologists are working to restore the prehistoric necropolis at Son Real to its previous sate when it was first excavated way back in the 1960s.

Read the rest here.